Did I mention I hate moving?

I still have so much stuff to move out of the apartment. And no enthusiasm for the task. Just want to be up at the Riverboat and put stuff away, hang pictures, wash clothes (yes even that!)
Today I babysit Leo. Will probably need a nap afterwards. hehe
So much for progress.

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  • Cheryl says:

    Gonna stay at the Riverboat on Sunday night. Yay!!! Phone company is supposed to install the new phone line sometime Monday between 8AM and 8PM. Booooo! I can’t decide which is worse. Meeting the phone guy at 8AM or waiting all day for him to get there. Oh well. Give me time to put more stuff away.

    Hopefully we can move most of my stuff from the apartment Sunday morning. Ben will bring his trailer and we should be able to get it all, so I will have lots to sort out (again) on Monday. Charlie and Ty and I can enjoy our space at last.

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